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Specialized Services


New to Ginnie Mae

Congratulations on your Ginnie Mae (GNMA) approval!

We have an experienced team with a strong track record of success in the Ginnie Mae securitization process. 

Affiliated provides consulting services with a “hands on approach” to map out from start to finish an efficient and cost effective loan securitization strategy within your business model.  We will ensure a quick implementation under the Fast Track MBS Program that will position your company for immediate growth and increased revenues.


Fast Track MBS Program

We offer the following services that will “fast track” your loan securitization process from start to finish with a “roll up our sleeves” approach:

 -          Completion of Ginnie Mae Master Agreements and provide important dates schedule

 -          Finger Printing Process and training on GinnieNet

 -          Commitment Authority and pool number requests

 -          MBFRF Financial Reporting services for Ginnie Mae and Fannie Mae for loan securitizations and sales

 -          Fannie Mae From 582 completion

 -          Data export support for loan information required by GinnieNet

 -          Establish Document Custodian relationships and outline process

 -          Warehouse Bank selection process for loan securitizations

 -          Pre-funding Quality Control process prior to loan securitization

 -          Assist in selection process of Trading Partners for loan settlements

 -          Creations of Purchase Advices/Remittances for settlements with Warehouse Banks

 -          Sub-servicer selection process

 -          Best execution selection (identify loans to securitize vs. sell on a whole loan basis)

 -          Financial modeling for Ginnie Mae loan securitization

 -          Accounting treatment for Mortgage Servicing Values under LOCOM vs. Fair Market Value

  -     Documented blue print specific to your company for the securitization processCompliance

Source Mortgage Assets

Affiliated focuses on sourcing impaired conventional, FHA and VA loans that are deemed non-salable to traditional investors.  We have the expertise to price and purchase current production, seasoned and delinquent loans including all credit grades and in most geographic locations.


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